Understanding Palestine is a hard mission. It is impossible without seeing for yourself, and even that way is not a simple task. Palestine is more than a simple country; it’s a land full of ancient history; holy land for the three major monotheistic religions; and plays a central role in the most complex and long military conflict in modern history. That’s why it is fundamental, when you expect to really comprehend something about Palestine, to have a good guide. You need someone who can show you the real nature of the conflict, without disguises. You need someone who really guides you through the details of history and politics, but either through all the enormous beauty, poetry and pride who hides in every stone, olive tree and Palestinian in your way. That’s why the ATG was the main cause of the success of my experience. The entire team really cares about showing all the truth in a respectful and honest way, with sense of humor and patience. They want to make you able to ask the right questions and find the answers in what you see. At ATG, you will find more than guides, you find true orientation.