Taste & See

Taste & See: A Fair Trade – Alternative Encounter Tour of Palestine

This Program introduces the rich Palestinian cuisine and the mesmerizing world of crafts to tourists by visiting Palestine, including Jerusalem, in a unique, one of a kind experience that gives you the chance to experience an Alternative, Fair Trade, eco-friendly, geographical, artistic pilgrimage and culinary tour.

In an amazing 8 nights and 9 days trip, you will have a life-time chance to meet Palestinian fair trade artisans, touch their raw materials and work with them to produce unique master pieces, experience their unique culture and indulge your senses with great famous Palestinian food.

How and where?

The answer is Our Taste & See Program, travelers are directly contributing to the livelihoods of everyone involved in their trip, from the families they meet and stay with to the artisans they support and the suppliers who provide them with services. You will live a real Palestinian experience, visit places you have never been to and then go home and tell about it.

Is it really the land of beauty and conflict? This is what you are about to find out. Sign up now on a tour operated by Alternative Tourism Group and Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans.

Keep in mind that you are that you are supporting fair trade, helping spread the beautiful stories behind the people and encouraging alternative tours to Palestine.

The tour will take place on two dates in 2019:

22.3.2019 – 30.3.2019

21.6.2019 – 29.6.2019

Our tour is available for both individuals and group – can be customized based on group preferences


Check out the tour here

Sign up now and reserve your seat http://atg.ps/program/